This is where the comedy magic happens! From EVM skits of videogame or weird randomness,
Machinima Minecraft, public access series and mini shows. We got a sizzler variaty of comedy options.

EVM Skits
ITS HEDWIG! And brings us even more skits! From Flappy Birds to Twitch Plays Nisa we are taking the gaming world by storm with skits that Uncle Boris would love.

Thanks Hedwig you champ <3
By the look of Kieran's face you can already tell that this year in EVM Skits is going to be shocking.

Hell, even Kieran's parents dont know what we do here at EVM...until now.
If this is truly the end of the world then its time to pull out all the stops! Prepare for the darkest, sloppiest and craziest year of skits yet!
We jump into the year of 2011 with cooking while drunk, factory balls, shoes and even a Nation in peril!

This ones for you mum!
Its time to get virtual with videogames, superheroes, sexual tetris and even a gun to the dick! 2010 didnt even see us coming!

Therapy has taught us nothing!
Action, adventure, burpballs, mexicans and Wundertanks! Season 2 of EVM skits brings more explosions than a Michael Bay film!
Where EVM all began. Really bad green screen, low quality audio and that "indie kid" feel that only a 5 year old could bring.

You have been warned!

EVM Shows
Kris is a lazy videogame addicted kid who ends up being cheated by a man named Dodgy Dave. Instead of the videogame he requests he recieves a dodgy and tainted copy.

From Ass-Tricks to Erotic Croc, no game is safe thanks to Dave's Dodgy Games!
Join Mayor Pebody & Manic in the town of Mine Valley as they dig for dirt and avoid the mayhem of Lord Marco.

This is EVM's first machinema series.

Kieran and Ross get out the boardgames and make them Extreme! Also hurting themselves in the process...

From "Not safe for work" sketches to Top 10's and reviews! With our NSFW content we show our sexy side!

Come join the party!

Join Generally Omnomnom and his guests for a night of eating, drinking and vomiting as he shows you how to cook some meals that your mother never thought of!

Gary, known for killing rare animals for his fans, takes along his scared and wimpy cameraman Bill along for the ride.

But Bill always ends up getting more hurt than the animals! Watch as Gary shows you his hunting skills!

EVM Gaming
There are alot of dodgy ripoffs of popular games out there...and we are ganna play them.
Ross reviews videogames based on the sexual cover that tries to market them as a "good game".

Do they hold up? Or are they fake....the games. Not the...YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!

Ross of EVM Productions pulls apart video games and uncovers the true nature of their existents.

We "lets play" through the classic games of the 90's and today with comedy commentary!

EVM Toons
Ross & Sam create some Puns that will put a smile on your face and make you say...

A classic cartoon from the old ages of EVM. Relaunched on Collision "Mr Wilson" is looking for some peace. But not when his so called child drops by.

This creates a lot of baby shit.

Flash Versions
Episode 1 - Episode 2 - Episode 3
Dogs In Space is about a Real Estate Mutt trying to buy every planet in the universe known as Monoponop.

But the evil sinister Hatt will have none of that! Will evil prevail?

EVM Extras

Trailers for upcoming and released DVD's are here. Check them out for more info on our main series list.
If we havent been making skits we try our hand at music videos. Stop by and groove to the tunes!

What is EVM without a mascot? A SEXY mascot! Stop by and watch EVM Girl's videos and say hi!

Any video that has no place on the main EVM pages we throw in the dark room known as EVM Extras.

Enter if you dare!