Who is EVM Productions?

EVM Productions was founded by Ross Elliott in 2007. Originaly under the name of Cartoongovo, EVM Productions was all about animation. But during the mid year of 2007 Ross decided to take on the side of film.

We are a collective group of maniacs bent on making you laugh through videogame humor and cartoons! From shows about a dodgy videogame salesman, a show about a town in thw world of Minecraft to Ross's fetish for nachos and sexy humor.

To sum it up we are a band of friends who create videos to entertain the world. We hope to become internet known and will do anything possible to make it happen. Ross's dream of being like his idols Mega64 is now backed by some of the best friends any guy could ask for.

Who are we you ask? We are EVM Productions! Variety Entertainment Comedians of the future!

The EVM Team:


This is the head honcho of EVM Productions, from editing to filming he does it all and still has time for nachos and videogames! Ross is best known for Hunting With Gary playing "Bill" or Carlos The Time Traveling Mexican. Ross also stars in Dodgy Games and plays Manic Fret in Minecraft Chronicles.

If Ross isnt filming a skit he is editng a skit. Without Ross at the wheel there would be no EVM Productions.


Best known as the star of Hunting With Gary, Kyle is Ross's go to guy on what is funny and what is too funny. So really he is in charge if Ross has a heart attack. Kyle also plays Mayor Pebody in Minecraft Chronicles

Kyle is a man of work. So when he isnt working he brings EVM discount props from the store! Kyle loves pokemon and anime if he aint talking about it on the podcast.


Ladies batton down the hatches its time for some of the K. Kieran is best know for making skits look sexy. His videos that make him shine like A Dead Or Alive Xmas or the Top Tens for NSFWGamer.

The progress that EVM has made over the last few years has been because of this guy. EVM owes him a lot.

But the ladies owe him more....


Now with some musical talent under our belt. Adam provides some of the greatest tracks for our skits and shows.

Adam has done the theme for Dat Game and some of the soundtrack to Minecraft Chronicles! Also working on an iphone game!

Adam isnt shy of the camera either! So look out for this looper in skits!

Adams Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/halfway-gone/


EVM's fifth piece of the puzzle. Sam brings the heart into creation. From costumes to designs and drawings there is no end to this girls talent.

Sam is in an upcoming show for EVM and some sketches too. Also she has teamed up with Ross to create the cartoon shorts Pun Out and working on a publication.

Sams Art Page: https://www.facebook.com/SamSalmondsArt?fref=ts


A girl who just cant saying to to the spotlight or skits. Being what only Kieran's mum calls her "The Female Kieran of Filming" she has been in a powerhouse of skits with Ross.

From Twitch Plays Nisa to FlappyBirdtendo, she isnt afraid to hit the tough issues...or her boobs.


A structure to EVM. She is kinda like the grip you have on set. When you need something done Dani is there to help. Holding a boom, checking the script, writing and even acting.

She is talented in more ways than one!


EVM wouldnt be so active if It didnt have a rival. Chris is head honcho, animator and film crew at Dark Castle Animations. But when his is not there he is here at EVM bringing new characters to the table such as Skull from Neighbourhood Watch or the lead in our series Dodgy Games.

Chris is always thinking of new ideas and always ready to lend a hand. From filming to skit suggestions.


Peter is a man on a mission, he is here to bring EVM a new angle of comedy and entertainment. From Nega Self to My Digs, Pete proves he has a natural talent for adlib and acting.

Pete and Ross are working on a few upcoming titles including One Step Up. so watch this space!


Matt's debut skit The Ratings Division - Pac Man Party and also Archiebald fromMinecraft Chronicles shows that will sit through anything Ross tortures him with.

Matt & his other half Stacey share a bond that one a few couples can share with pride. They both understand the internets humor and they make Ross & Kyle look like people who dont watch enough anime.


Stacey is the reason EVM can no longer be called a sausage fest....at last. Stacey brings EVM talent through skits like Therapist Of Duty & plays the voice of Maize in Minecraft Chronicles.

If Stacey isnt working side by side with Matt here at EVM she is making fun of pregnant women.


Clem is the sexual chocolate of EVM. Whatever that means. Clem is our on-set photographer, and man he takes the best photos!

When we get some time we might set up a photo gallery but for now you will just have to buy the DVD's to see them.

Clem has graced our screens before in the past but what he is most known for is his hilarious commentary over at EVM Gaming!


Daniel is another member of EVM who just does the embarresing and worries about it later. Just like Andrew he will take on any challenge given to him to perform and make the audience laugh harder than ever before.

He has been in Carlos 2 as Cpt Johney Walker, & Moonsteaks and plays the voice of Lord Marco in Minecraft Chronicles along with countless other skits over the years.


The one who brings the pain to the videos. Best known as Black Santa or Black Fairy in our Black skits Mithran loves to write skits for EVM each week, but when he isnt doing that he is infront of the camera playing a token black man in Dodgy Games.

If he aint at EVM he is partying hard and hanging with mates, what a nice guy! 



Dael worked with us as co writer on Wingman Season 1 & co creater of 8 Rooms. He has also starred in skits such as The Real Australian Top Gear andMother & The Four Million. Dael was basically a main part of EVM's growth in 2008.

Now Dael is a teacher in far away lands. But he returns to do a skit now and again. But for what we remember Dael was a great actor and writer. Goodluck in the future Dael.


EVM's first girl on the set. Fleur is know for her role as Pussy in Wingman but also her main role in Fleur Eats A Banana.

Fleur was there from the start of EVM but left quite early during the skits of 2008. We hope she returns again some day to do more sexy skits for us, as she was a funny and quirky girl with a great mind for writing.


If anything needs moving, breaking or filming...Cameron is our man! If we want your door as a snowboard he will get it. If we want to ship drugs to your mums house he will do it.

Cameron will do some acting from time to time such as Gamer Delusions or if it involves breaking stuff like Scribblenauts - Guitar. So hit him a line at the address above to get your shit messed up!


Andrew is the wierd side of EVM. If you tell him to do somthing he will do it, all for the skit. Not only will he step the boundaries of skits and public performances but he also provides some mean transportation and helps out anyway he can.

Best known for his roles of Selling Andrew and well anything Andrew related Without Andrew we would not have a transvestite. Im not too sure if thats a good thing....


Bec Bell appeared from Rule 63 discord. She is the female version of Ross Elliott, but better. Her ego fueled to the max when it comes to EVM and if she had her way she would take over EVM for herself. This crazy Ego Bell is on the rampage!

Watch this space for skits that she will mark EVM with. And maybe, just maybe...she will change EVM...

The newest edition to EVM Productions is Cody. What this man brings to EVM is the raw talent of fine ladies and fine acting. He is also one hell of a song writer and old friend.

Watch this space for upcoming videos from our man Cody!


Ben is our main music composer. He wrote the complete soundtrack to Dodgy GamesWingman Season 1 & 2 and a few skits.

One day we hope to release a few of his songs on CD but the CD's are too week to handle the power of how awesome his music really is.


Kristy is moslty known for Sex God and 40 Things To Do With Kristy. But now she is known for her work as EVM Girl. EVM Girl is a promotional setup which is bringing the sexy to EVM.

Kristy is a part time model and a great actress. So help us out and dedicate yourself to her by buying her shirt in the store or even an EVM poster. You know you want to!


Brett is one of the newer composers on EVM. With his solo music he creates to his full on death metal, Brett has a load of variaty to bring to EVM. His music has been featured in Dodgy Games and skits like Myth Busted

We cannot wait for Brett to make more music madness!